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Allow Me To Be Your Local Source For Finding a Home.

When you are searching for something as important as your next home, better information leads to better decisions. I can provide you with valuable insight to make the informed decisions.

Whether you are a first-time home buyer or looking to make another move, I have you covered.

Don't do it alone!

Empower yourself! Let me be your "Buyer’s Agent", I am a trained professional negotiator with the experience, insight, and technology to help you see opportunities and avoid costly mistakes in your home buying journey. I have the local experience required to navigate the increasingly complicated transactions, contracts, and related laws that are continually changing.

25% of the home buying process is to find a home that best suits you. 75% is to get the property to the closing table. Click here to learn about THE HOME BUYING PROCESS and understand the steps of your home purchase. 

Knowing WHAT YOU CAN AFFORD and choosing the best financing in advance saves you time and enables you to submit a strong, competitive offer on your home.

If you're thinking of purchasing your first home you may be wondering what are the ADVANTAGES OF BUYING a home vs renting. With every rent check you write, you're helping to build equity in your landlord's property. That money could be going toward building equity in a home of your own. Today's rates are low enough that your house payment could be lower than your rent payment!

The home buying process can provoke many questions, some frequently asked QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS can be found HERE. If you would like to explore the fine details of home buying as they pertain to your specific needs, please contact me. My service begins with getting to know your needs, preferences, and requirements to focus efforts on providing the best home buying experience possible.

SEARCH FOR PROPERTIES from your desktop or try my Free MOBILE Home Search APP. I provide the exceptional search tools with specialized searches for neighborhoods, schools, and more. You can set up a FREE PROPERTY WATCH account and use from any device.